Client :  Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services
Media had been critical of immigration industry because of numerous cases of illegal immigration and stories of people being fleeced by fly-by-night operators.

To position WWICS as a Global Resettlement Solutions company and refurbish the general image of immigration business

Core Strategy

Refurbished the Visual IdentitRefurbished the Visual Identity of the company Launched a campaign against illegal immigration and fly-by-night operators. The information campaign component included :
Public Service Advertising in leading newspapers.
Free distribution of an informative booklet to prospective immigrants across the country, especially in the rural and semi-urban areas.
Media Outreach Campaign with specific advertising guidelines to cross check the authenticity of the claims by small time immigration consultants to protect the
Organised public seminars and road shows engaging Canadian immigration lawyers
Briefed media with industry statistics and the requirements of legal immigration process.


Extensive brand visibility.
Enhanced corporate image as a responsible immigration company which is transparent in its operations.
Public confidence. Wide media coverage Public confidence.
Wide media coverage.